• Doors are locked. An Imperial figure can attack a door (Health: 8, Defense: 1 black die).
  • A door adjacent to a Rebel figure does not block his movement, line of sight, adjacency, or counting spaces.
  • Neutral mission tokens represent access points. If a space contains 3 or more neutral mission tokens, that space is an active deployment point.
  • At the start of each Status Phase, the Imperial player may place 1 neutral mission token on a space containing a neutral mission token.
  • Imperial Officers gain: Discard an adjacent terminal using both actions.
  • The mission ends at the end of Round 8 or when all terminals are discarded.

Initial Groups: Imperial Officer, Imperial Officer, Elite Snow Troopers, Elite Imperial Officer, Probe Droid

Reserved Groups: 2 (1 Imperial, 1 Mercenaries)

Open Groups: 3 (3 Imperials)

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