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Subversive Tactics is an Imperial Class set available to the Imperial player when first setting up a new campaign. It is contained in the Core Set.

Cards contained in Set[]

Notes and Strategy[]

  • The class deck cover photo appears to represent agents of the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) intelligence agency of Star Wars lore.
  • Subversive Tactics generally exploits the stress mechanic that heroes use to perform special abilities.
  • This class can be considered an "indirect" way of attacking the Rebel heroes. Most of the cards are abilities with the exhaust keyword with only one card doing any direct damage, although another card does do damage scaled to stress.
  • There is only 1 attachment type class card in this deck.
  • This is the only class in the Core Set that does not include a class upgrade with the option to heal or remove harmful status effects from Imperial forces.
  • Imperial players who employ the use of mercenary cards frequently in their armies will likely see the most benefit from this set as they compliment the goals of the deck. Although players who don't often use mercs will also greatly benefit since many of the cards require an Imperial figure to perform some action (most imperial figures have no way to inflict bleed or strain naturally).
  • One should never underestimate the power of strain. Heroes only have a finite supply of endurance and once they have met their max capacity all strain is dealt as damage instead. Additionally, most hero abilities require a strain cost in order to activate and many of their exp. class deck upgrades also have strain cost.
  • Considering that many campaign missions have a time limit with a default Imperial victory, any thing that slows heroes down can be very effective. Heroes with max stress cannot take strain to gain free movement points and may be forced to rest, wasting valuable actions during their activation.
Prey Upon Doubt
Card Back
Savage Weaponry
Surgical Strike
Heavy Pressure
Exploit Weakness
Weary Target
No Quarter