Cards contained in set:

  • Explosive Munitions (Starter)
    • Exhaust this card when an Imperial figure declares a [Ranged] attack.
    • You may replace 1 die in the attack pool with 1 red die and the attack gains Blast 1[Damage].
  • Armor Corps (1 XP)
    • While defending, Imperial Troopers adjacent to a friendly Droid, Heavy Weapon, or Vehicle may reroll 1 defense die.
  • Automated Repairs (1 XP)
    • Attachment: Heavy Weapon, Droid, or Vehicle only
    • Surge: Exhaust this card to recover 2 (damage).
    • Action: Exhaust this card to recover 1 (damage).
  • Explosive Entry (2 XP)
    • Exhaust this card when you deploy a figure to roll 1 green die. Each Rebel figure adjacent to that figure suffers (damage) equal to the (damage) results and becomes Weakened.
  • Heavy Firepower (2 XP)
    • Exhaust this card when an Imperial figure declares a (ranged) attack. You may remove 1 red die from the attack pool to apply +3 (damage) to the attack results.
  • Mortar (3 XP)
    • Exhaust this card during an Imperial figure's activation. That figure gains: "Action: Choose a space within 3 spaces and roll 1 red die. Each figure and object on or adjacent to that space suffers (damage) equal to the (damage) results.
  • Reactive Armor (3 XP)
    • Attachment: Droid or Vehicle only
    • +2 Health
    • While defending, if you roll an (evade) result on a black die, apply +2 (blocks) to the defense results.
  • Power to Shields (4 XP)
    • Exhaust this card while an Imperial figure is defending and choose 1 of the following keywords: Pierce, Blast, Cleave, or any Condition keyword. During this attack, the chosen keyword has no effect. Then, you may pay 1 (Threat) to ready this card.
  • Rapid Dominance (4 XP)
    • 2 Threat: Exhaust this card during a Heavy Weapon or Vehicle figure's activation. That figure may perform an additional action.
    • 3 Threat: Deplete this card to ready 1 Heavy Weapon or Vehicle Deployment card.
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